Cyric the Mad God

Session 1: Introductions

"Rats! Goblins! Gods! Oh my!"

Session 1: Introductions

In the quiet seaside town of Sandpoint, a group of adventurers respond to a job posting in a local inn, “Cragganor’s Roost”.

Oris, a Deva Invoker. Ryallynn, an Elf Ranger. Beregor, a Dwarf Fighter. Althaea, an Elladrin Wizard. Nerium, a Minotaur Avenger. Whittlebert Figglesby, a Gnome Rogue. A hodgepodge of adventurers to say the least.

The owner, Cragganor Stormhelm, explains that there is a rat infestation of his cellar, and recounts that it seems the trouble started when those in town began noticing odd things in nature – the stars somehow appeared unaligned in the sky…animals’ behavior seemed erratic… To further complicate matters, travelers have reported that orc tribes far north of Sandpoint were beginning to raid villages with regularity, and distant kingdoms to the east are engaged in civil war. Tensions were high.

The party enters the cellar and makes quick work of the rats. However, from out of a corner, a spider appears. Once defeated, the party discovers that it is marked with a peculiar symbol – identified as that of Azgoroth, a renowned wizard who became a Lich and a follower of the god Cyric, also known as Cyric the Mad.

They investigate where the spider appeared and discover a secret passageway, where they happen upon strange rooms with odd statues and cryptic passages. Through cunning, they make their way past the obstacles, only to come upon zombies dancing around a maypole and a skeleton on a throne playing a horn as others listened. Odd indeed. Besting these foes, Whittlebert opens a door and notices a corridor crawling with a swarm of rats. Curiously, Ryallynn believes the horn has something to do with safe passage, but before she plays it, Whittlebert pilfers the horn and begins to play. His will is not strong, and he is smitten by the horn’s evil curse. He opens the door and plays down the corridor, with rats gathering in tow, until they reach the end. There, in a gaping hole (later discovered via an orb of light by the wizard Althaea to be quite deep), the rats plunge to their demise. Whittlebert is broken from his trance, the horn is placed in safe keeping with Nerium, and the party continues on.

The party then encounters wood golems in the form of doors. Sassy and argumentative, Nerium takes them as an affront. “Doors should not speak,” he proclaimed as he swung with his axe to engage them. Thankfully, these were weaker than typical golems and were bested by our neophyte group.

Eventually the party came upon a room that seemed to herald the exploits of the god Cyric, but they turned away and moved on to a different part of the dungeon, wary of having to encounter a being of that magnitude. Alas, the next passage they entered, they were compelled to do so anyway, and found themselves before the seat of Cyric himself. He orders the party to seek out and fetch Azgaroth, his wayward follower, and to return with him. They were under the impression, through their short exchange, that refusal was not an option.

Cyric teleports them back to the cellar where, upon exiting, they discover that Cragganor’s Roost, as well as some of Sandpoint, has been set ablaze. Before leaving, Whittlebert “rescues” some of the more precious of the cellar’s alcohol. Goblins, seemingly more organized and focus than usual, were raiding the town and setting the fires. Nerium and Oris enter a shop amidst the chaos to try and procure better weapons, but come up empty handed.

Caddy corner from the Inn, the party spots Cragganor at the entrance of an orphanage, only recently set with a small fire towards the back, fending off the entry of a half dozen goblins and wielding his ancestral axe from above the Inn’s bar. With both the urge to assist, and to get paid for their earlier efforts, they make haste to lend him their support.

XP: ~300 (I didn’t keep track of per-session amounts. I will from now on.)
LOOT: ??? (See Spencer, our friendly party treasure keeper, for current loot and divvy)



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